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what is Oralift facial rejuvenation?

A revolutionary way to help reset the effects of stress and age on facial muscles.

Hi!  My name is Jane Mann, and the image to the right is my person before and after image after only 4 months!.  I have enjoyed the benefits of using and fitting the Oralift for almost a year now!  

We have all been told the benefits of yoga as we get older. When muscles mass is increased our bones get stronger. When using the Oralift facial rejuvenation, it is a similar experience. We are stretching the facial muscles in the face by opening our mouth. The inner appliance works similar to yoga blocks, creating an obstacle to stretch around.  When I began to wear the device, I  noticed facial improvements such as a natural lift around the cheek and eye area, relaxing of the forehead lines and defining jaw line.  I also saw puffiness around my nasal area reduce.  Other clients I fit with an Oralift reported a relaxation that can be felt in the deep connective tissues of the face - the ligaments, joints, and fascia networks.   It is my opinion that this relaxation creates a reprogramming of facial muscles that help to restore he natural balance and youthful appearance to the whole face. 


Is it for me?

Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation can be a bit tricky as well as tiring.  So much of how we view ourselves depends on our mood and perspective at that time.  

Here are a couple question I have my clients ask themselves.  

  • Do you look older than you feel?   
  • Do your eyes gravitate to the jawline versed your beautiful eyes and cheekbones?   
  • Does you skin look dull?  
  • Do you feel like your face is always tense?
  • Do you feel like you face is puffy?

Many times these are hints that more is going on at night than just sleeping!  Did you know our facial muscles and fascia are involuntary to emotion?  Personally, I have found the Oralift is a great way to reset those over tight muscles. The results are a face that looks relaxed and refreshed. 

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Any new concept requires a bit of research.  I understand that and would like to help you sort through your questions.  If you would like to schedule a free zoom consultation please email me at: or submit an inquiry below