About Jane Mann Oralift


Greatest Gift

My family

Favorite Animal

I love all animals but fond of dogs; especially pugs.

Best memory

There are so many; but I would have to say my 20's living in Marina Del Rey, CA.  We had a small group of friends and every Saturday we would work out and go to a small coffee roaster at the beach.  Thinking about it today still makes me smile.

How long have you been an esthetician?

15 years.  It is a second and a soulmate career.  I love working with clients, helping them achieve their best selves through proper skincare and technologies that work. I get excited everyday I go to work.

How did you find Oralift?

I have always been fascinated how we all age differently.  Through my years of study and teaching; I have discovered Posture, Bite and Flexibility influence our bodies ability to regenerate and look youthful with out surgical altercations or over priced skincare products.

As a prior pilate instructor, I was trained about the benefits of stretch for the muscles of the body; however, in the past 10 years, we are seeing a direct correlation between over used facial muscles and accelerated aging.  Oralift is a simple plastic mouthpiece designed to help reset those over used muscles with out using toxins or surgery.

Why do you endorse and use the Oralift?

Oralift facial rejuvenation is a tool that helps rebalance facial features, structures and skin tone.  It does this through the bodies ability to recalibrate through stretch.  I was very excited to find this product in the UK and get to know Dr. Nic Mohindra and his wife. 

My experience with Oralift has been amazing. I feel happy when I look in the mirror.  I believe that Oralift will be a foundational anti-aging device everyone should have.  Men and Women!  I love to talk, coach and help people understand the many benefits of using Oralift in their life.

I would love to coach you too!

I would love to assist you on your Oralift journey!  If you have more questions please email me or if you are ready click below!