Frequently Asked Questions about Oralift

In a nutshell- what is the Oralift?

Oralift is a beauty tool appliance worn to help ease facial tension and muscle fatigue in the face, scalp, head and neck. The idea is borrowed from the cosmetic dental industry, where it was found that facial balance and symmetry tended to be more aesthetic once the connective tissue and muscles in the scalp, face and neck were reprogrammed to resume their natural state. It can be used on it own or in conjunction with other beauty treatments such as microcurrent and microneedling, botox and fillers.

How does it work?

The inner-mouth appliance rests on the bottom teeth; creating an obstacle for the teeth to stretch around. This action is held for a specified amount of time, triggering the deep connective tissues of the face to relax; the ligaments, joints and fascial networks send a signal to the central nervous system to reprogram the facial muscles to restore your natural balance.

Can I use the Oralift daily?

Suggested usage is once every 3 days, however it is really important you listen to the wisdom of your body. Some clients are able to wear almost immediately for a 1/2 hour, while some maintain 5 minutes. The goal is not the time. The success is in the mindfulness of relaxation. Attuning in to what is happening in the face, scalp, neck and shoulders. Your practitioner will assist in creating the perfect program for you to follow.

I see the changes but I don't understand

You are not alone.  When we look at ourselves in the mirror we tend to isolate an inconsistency or trouble spot that bothers us;  but when we look at others we seek balance.
Oralift helps to achieve lower and upper facial balance.  As we age, our lower face begins to shorten.   This leaves many with a disproportion between the upper and lower face.  Oralift address this issue by reengaging specific muscles reversing the visual effects.  The results is a more balanced aesthetic look with out surgery or fillers! 

What if I have fillers and Botox?

The Oralift is a lifestyle.  Every now and then clients will ask if it is ok to get filler or botox.  Of course, Oralift will enhance results and possible make them last longer, however it is important to be patient and work with your bodies ability to realign, restore and rejuvenate.  While many clients do report seeing changes within weeks, it is also important to understand resetting muscle memory is a lot like doing pilates or yoga.  You feel and look good, but the lasting results are in the consistency of using the appliance as well as following the instructions and coaching advice. 

Do I need to ask my dentist?

If you are ever in doubt or having currently dental issues, we suggest you ask him to go to the website; and see if this reprogramming appliance is for you. If you are in good health and have no concerning dental issues, then you can fit the appliance yourself with the assistance of your advisor.