Oralift People | Real Results

How does Oralift deliver this results?

Oralift takes advantage of the ability of the facial muscles to rejuvenate the face. Facial muscles can and do adapt instantaneously! Oralift has been classed as groundbreaking by the Cosmetic Surgery Guide.

When the Oralift device is worn, the jaw has to rest in a different position from its normal resting position. The muscles involved in this process are not just the facial muscles, but also the muscles involved in breathing, swallowing and the postural muscles of the head and neck.  The chemicals released during this process are believed to help reverse the damage done by the ageing process on the face.

Self Evaluation

Is Oralift for me?

Self Evaluation can be a bit tricky as well as tiring.  So much of how we view ourselves depends on our mood and perspective at that time.  
Here are a couple question I have my clients ask themselves.  

  • Do you look older than you feel?   
  • Do your eyes gravitate to the jawline versed your beautiful eyes and cheekbones?   
  • Does you skin look dull?  
  • Do you feel like your face is always tense?
  • Do you feel like you face is puffy?

Many times these are hints that more is going on at night than just sleeping!  Did you know our facial muscles and fascia are involuntary to emotion?  Personally, I have found the Oralift is a great way to reset those over tight muscles. The results are a face that looks relaxed and refreshed.

Any new concept requires a bit of research.  I understand that and would like to help you sort through your questions.  If you would like to schedule a free zoom consultation please email me at: byjanemann@gmail.com or submit an inquiry below